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Hi, I'm Lauren Hendry Parsons.

I'm a strategic communicator, coach, and mediator. My specialty is helping leaders communicate with authenticity and impact.

 I work with people and organisations to find new paths, navigate change and conflict, and develop communication strategies that consider all stakeholders. My goal is to help people find effective solutions that meet their specific needs.

Currently based in London, I have over a decade of experience in media, consultancy, strategic communications, PR and leadership, spanning a wide range of industries in Australia, Asia, USA and UK.

I can facilitate, mediate, design and lead workshops. I am also a public speaker, leadership mentor, and presentation and media training coach.


I am passionate about helping people better understand themselves and others, and create a space for everyone’s voice to be heard.

About Me

My Services

Communications & Leadership Consultancy

Design & Delivery

My services are tailored to your specific needs. I work with you to develop and implement effective strategies that help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to solve problems for your business, improve your brand image, or grow personally as a leader, I can help.

  • Need help with media relations or crisis management? I can provide guidance and support to help you navigate these challenging areas.
  • Looking to improve your leadership skills or develop a new business strategy? I offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your goals.
  • Want support with elevating your workshops? I can help you develop and deliver engaging and impactful workshops that deliver results.

My workshops are designed to help businesses and individuals develop the skills and build the solutions they need to succeed. From leadership training to media and presentation skills, I can design and deliver workshops tailored to your needs or created bespoke for you.

  • Looking to improve your public speaking skills? My presentation and media training workshops can help you develop the skills you need to communicate effectively with your audience.
  • Need help with team building or conflict resolution? My facilitation and mediation workshops can help you build stronger teams and resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Want to develop your leadership skills? My leadership workshops can help you improve your communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Essential reading

A huge part of how I like to learn and process new information is to read widely. I will update this section from time to time with resources or materials you might be interested in exploring.

To start with, here are two of my favourites: Getting to Yes and Radical Candor

Let's Talk
Team up with me to unlock your impact and drive towards your true purpose.

No challenge too big,
no issue too small. 

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